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Basil Parm Mushroom Turnip Keto Pasta

We recently published an objective piece on the keto diet. While this way of eating (WOE) is not for everyone, we’re keto eaters. Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of any diet or WOE. Consult with your health care provider before starting any lifestyle changes. That said, one thing I really miss on the keto […]

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Is the Ketogenic Diet Legit? (Does Keto Work?)

Disclaimer: This blog is an opinion and should not replace professional medical, professional legal, or professional financial advice. Before starting any new or┬áketo diet, consult with your doctor. As we approach another new year, many choose to make resolutions for their health and appearance. Perhaps you want to lose some holiday weight, or maybe you’ve […]

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How much can I make selling Perfectly Posh?

Disclaimer: Here at BOTTLESOUP, all posts are our opinions. These posts should not be taken in place of professional financial or professional legal advice. Any links within the posts are references / resources. Note: No one on the BOTTLESOUP team has ever sold or purchased Perfectly Posh products. If you’re searching online for the Perfectly […]

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Power Through the Drama with Holiday Drink Pairings

The holidays are almost here. And if you’re the typical American family, that may mean spending time with relatives. Sometimes, you don’t particularly like all of your relatives. In fact, some of them are downright crazy. To help you through the holidays, the team at BOTTLESOUP has created a holiday drink pairings menu to ease […]

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Yes, There’s Arsenic in Baby Food and Formula

Yes, there’s arsenic in baby food. But before you toss all your store-bought purees away, know that arsenic is found in “water, air, food, and soil in organic and inorganic forms.” Recently, social media has been buzzing with the supposed results of a study by the Clean Label Project. However, there’s a few things that […]

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