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5 Amazing, Affordable Ways to Elevate Boxed Mac & Cheese

While many of us aim to make super healthy dinners for our families, there are some nights that you either want to be indulgent or are too busy and tired to make something complex. On nights like those, I turn to boxed mac & cheese for an easy, quick dinner. Yes, we all know how […]

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Three Dinners in Three Days: A Review of Plated’s Subscription Service

Want to try Plated and get 2 plates for free? Click here! I’ll admit it: in the few minutes I scroll through Facebook every day, I was drooling over the dishes in Plated’s advertisements. It didn’t help that I was getting the feeling that my cooking and grocery shopping game was getting kind of lame. […]

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The Plague of Three Courses

Three Course Sunday Dinner Made Easy (But Doesn’t Sound Easy ;)): Roasted Chicken with Thyme, Garlic, and Lemon, Crab Meat Gnocchi with Melted Havarti and Gruyere, and a Spinach Pear Salad with Honey Dijon Dressing HOW TO BE CREATIVE WITH MEAL PLANNING FOR A PARTY… I usually don’t post three different menu items at once…but […]

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Influenster VoxBox #2: Reese’s Spreads in Peanut Butter Chocolate

I’ll admit it: at 8 months pregnant, I was pretty excited to receive this Influenster VoxBox. It’s like Influenster read my mind and said, “Here, have a Happy New Year.” And I did. As a very health conscious eater, the odds that I would seek out and buy Reese’s Spreads in the store are slim, […]

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All I Want For Christmas: Nutella Cookie Recipe

If you have never heard of Nutella, I am pretty sure you live under a rock. It’s the best known spread next to peanut butter. Nutella started as a breakfast condiment in Italy; however, it has become a staple in pantries worldwide. It tastes like a melted Ferrero Rocher. It’s great any time of day. […]

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