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Jamberry Facebook Parties: Why No One Sees Your Posts

Jamberry Facebook parties: an easy path to work from home success or an exercise in stupidity? You decide. If you’re new to BOTTLESOUP, welcome! This is our 5th piece on Jamberry and the 3rd installment of our Tuesday Jam Series. Whether you love or loathe Jamberry, you’ll find these article informative, interesting and entertaining. Thanks […]

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Hidden Costs of Becoming a Jamberry Consultant

If you’re wondering if becoming a direct sales consultant for Jamberry sounds too good to be true, you’ve come to the right place. Here, with the help of been-there-done-that Jamberry consultants, we are delivering the exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at what becoming a Jamberry Consultant truly costs.   In this installment of the Jam Series, we’ll […]

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6 Things to Know Before Becoming a Jamberry Consultant

If you’re a regular BOTTLESOUP reader, you know how I feel about Jamberry. And while I followed up my original post with some hands-on Jamberry consultant based research, the outpouring of support, encouragement and requests for more information has inspired me to continue writing about Jamberry. So, welcome to the first installment of my Jam […]

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How to Start a Blog

This post contains affiliate links, which means that BOTTLESOUP may profit from the purchase of products linked to from this article.  It’s a pretty common phenomenon: parents who end up staying at home with their children eventually get bored and want a way to earn income without leaving the house. It’s the ideal situation, and […]

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Too Legit to Quit or a Scam: What a Jamberry Nails Consultant Said About Jamberry

A couple weeks ago, I published a post about how MLMs prey on moms, particularly stay at home moms who have limited income earning options. You can read it here. While I stand by that article and agree that most “consultants” do not earn their keep selling things like Jamberry Nails, I decided to write […]

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