25 TLC Shows Now on Netflix

UPDATE: Your favorite TLC shows have moved to Hulu. To find out what’s there, click here. If you want a 2 week free trial to Hulu, click here

I’m not going to lie: since I became I mom, I’ve been watching an embarrassing amount of television. At first, I was defensive about it. But then I realize television was saving my sanity. The amount of writing I’ve been able to do since Clark became super active has significantly dwindled. And while my fingers long for the keyboard, my hands are holding a 23 pound infant. Television leaves my hands free. And, dammit, I love Netflix.

Imagine my adulation when I discovered that the TLC Network has generously allowed Netflix to showcase a ton of their content. Now, if only Bravo would get on board…

Here’s a list of TLC programming currently available for instant streaming on Netflix:

1. The Little Couple

Adorable, tiny love. A marriage between a doctor and a business man. So normal, yet so different. I love the Little Couple. Binge your heart out, ladies.

The Little Couple. Image from Glamour.

2. Todders & Tiaras

Okay, this one is so not my favorite. I’m really against pageantry and anything that makes little girls feel the need to sexify their image. Three year olds should not aspire to look like Oompah Loompah Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. #SORRYNOTSORRY.

These girls look like they’re staring on MTV’s The Jersey Shore. Image from TheGeorgetownIndy.com

3. Say Yes To The Dress

So much money, so many ungrateful bitches. Watch this when you’re feeling particularly smug with your life. Do not watch if you wish you had some extra dough; watching women waste $12K on a wedding dress will really blow your mind. Always have dessert on hand. You will have a meltdown.

Randy and this blonde lady are pretty much my favorites. Image from maddiesmemos.

4. Sister Wives

Care to share your husband with three other women? No? Care to learn about the crazies who do? Absolutely. Sister Wives will definitely feed your drama llama.

So weird.

5. Hoarding: Buried Alive

I cannot watch this. Hoarding makes me anxious. However, some people love other people’s filth. If that’s you, Hoarding: Buried Alive will be your new favorite show.

Trainwreck. Courtesty of TVGuide.

6. Miami Ink

Watch people permanently alter their bodies with tattoos.


I may or may not have a girl-crush on Kat Von D.

7. Wedded To Perfection

A husband and wife event planning team put together the perfect day. Blah, blah, blah.

Never heard of it? That’s because it got cancelled!

8. 19 Kids & Counting

Religious fanatics. A million children. It will make your life seem normal. Promise.

The craziest of crazies.

9. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding 

A whole different level of weird.


10. Strange Sex

Interesting people who do interesting things behind closed doors. My personal guilty pleasure. It’s just too strange not to love.

Lars and the Real Life.

11. My Strange Addiction

If the idea of people eating soap intrigues you, that’s only the beginning. This docudrama features individuals who have some remarkable habits.

Car kissing.

12. My 600-lb Life

Feeling down about your body? There’s no way you won’t feel positively perfect after watching these fatties.

Image from TLC.com

13. Extreme Couponing

Of all the weirdness on TLC, I find extreme couponers to be the worst kind of weird. Stockpiles? Ugh. Two steps away from hoarding, IMO.



14. The Tiniest Girl In The World

To make you grateful for that cranky, evil, yet perfect baby you’re currently soothing.


15. What Not To Wear

This show will save you from becoming frump-girl. In case you were wondering, pajama pants are not real pants.

Stacey & Clinton. TLC’s favorite couple.

16. Four Weddings

They should rename TLC: “The Wedding Channel”. Omergawd.

Desperate Housebeasts in training.

17. Addicted

More unhealthy people doing bad things with their bodies.

A depressing show about even more depressed people.

18. Extreme Cheapskates

Dumpster diving frugalistas. Reusable toilet paper, anyone?

I mean…..

19. Long Island Medium

If you’re feeling superstitious and gullible.


20. Cake Boss

Satisfy your craving for all things sweet and Italian with Buddy and friends.

NYC has become a cake.

21. Mall Cops

Watch sad people with a power-complex patrol the Mall of America for thugs and drugs. They fight crime by calling in the real police. Sad.

DORKS with power!

22. The World’s Fattest Man

Put down the cheeseburger. Pick up a salad. One word: motivation.

Look away…look away….can’t!

23. Jon & Kate Plus Eight

Watch a marriage fall apart in a few seasons. Classic reality entertainment.

They look happy!

24. Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids

Whatever. It’s not their day!

They look…expensive?

25. DC Cupcakes

Smart women doing nothing with their brains but making cupcakes. Slightly forgiven for the nonsense by donating a lot of projects to charity. And, okay, I’ll admit it: this show really makes me want to order some Georgetown Cupcakes!

Deliciousness. And I hate cupcakes. (Well, maybe I’m being converted).

17 thoughts on “25 TLC Shows Now on Netflix

  1. Edith

    How I love TLC too! I think majority of TLC watchers are moms! I’m really dying to learn Extreme Couponing. 🙂

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      Right?! I thought this guide would be helpful. Once I found my favorite TLC programs on Netflix I was like WHOA! Must share!

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  3. Brianna

    I’m generally not inclined to leave comments on a blog but in the case I thought I would give my two cents. Yes reality tv is ridiculous but as someone who is overweight myself (not 600 lbs my any mean, I could stand to lose fifty pounds) I don’t appreciate how you call them fatties. That’s so rude and it is so sad. I have PCOS a condition where I have terrible cysts on my ovaries. I don’t have regular periods and it makes losing weight next to impossible. I eat all whole foods, I don’t overeat, I never eat processed sugar or flour. I exercise regularly… I just don’t lose weight. I tell my husband a lot that I wish I could wear a sign that says I EAT RIGHT AND EXERCISE I’M NOT A SLOB. The reason I want to wear a sign like that are because of what people say or the giggles behind my back. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth.

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      I can see how you’d interpret that as mean, but that wasn’t my intention.

      When I watch shows like that, I feel like “wow, I have no reason to complain about my body.” It doesn’t make me look at those people and say “ew, gross” or think less of people who are overweight/obese. I don’t assume people who are overweight/obese are lazy, sloppy, or any less important than people who are fit. I’m sorry if my word choice made you think I feel otherwise.

    2. Michaela

      If it’s the truth, then it isn’t rude. If you’re offended, then lose weight. Just eat less. That’s all folks.

  4. Mary B

    All these shows are off Netflix now!! Boo!
    Hope you don’t mind if I make a few points…
    1) I think you are funny (even though my waist size is in the double digits) and I love Jesus… I know, mind blown, right??
    2) Leggings (along with PJ pants) also aren’t real pants
    3) People are super sensitive about their looks and being judged, but I don’t recall you calling a 200 lb person a fattie… 600 lbs is fat though… And that does motivate me
    4) Clark is an adorable baby name.
    5) Thanks for keeping it real.

  5. Katelyn

    Are you serious? I looked for about 10 of these shows on this list, and they’re not on Netflix. You should really get your facts straight.

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      Katelyn, this blog post was written 18 months ago. It was accurate when it was originally posted, but thanks for reminding me that it needs an update.

  6. Marie

    “The Tiniest Girl In The World – To make you grateful for that cranky, evil, yet perfect baby you’re currently soothing.”

    So, look, I really think you could have used the word “healthy” instead of “perfect” and it would been better. The way it’s worded seems to imply that parents are less grateful for “imperfect” disabled children. I think anyone who’s watched Charlotte Garside would agree that she is perfect.

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