Can You Predict A Baby’s Gender With The Ramzi Theory?

I had the privilege of chatting with the man behind the Ramzi Theory, Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismail himself. Please see the update in a more recent article, “Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismail Responds to My Article on the ‘Ramzi Theory’“. 


58 thoughts on “Can You Predict A Baby’s Gender With The Ramzi Theory?

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  2. megan

    “It’s sad, really, that women are so desperate and bored that they resort to using fake theories to pass the time”
    No, it’s sad that you’re such a miserable bitch that you have to insult a bunch of pregnant women for wanting to know the sex of their baby and for not doing enough digging on the Internet. That’s just pathetic.

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      Yes, and the height of your superiority is writing mean comments to strangers on the Internet.

      I interviewed the man behind the Ramzi theory; he’s not a doctor. I’m sick of women spreading his “study” as if it’s legitimate. And, it truly is sad that many women decide against research or pursing other hobbies in lieu of obsessing over their unborn child’s sex.

      For the record, I’m not a miserable bitch. You, on the other hand, have some self-evaluating to do.

      1. Lenora

        To call someone “desperate and bored” because they pass time by guessing what their babies gender could be is low class and disgraceful. You actually told her she needs to reevaluate her life and find a “hobby” because she called you out on how bitchy you sound? That’s just hilarious!! You obviously have never been pregnant before or you just like judging people. Just because you try and depict a theory and find a Linkdin account for some random doesn’t prove your article to be factual. I’ve now wasted 5 minutes of my life reading and responding to this garbage. Try going back to journalism classes or “find a new hobby”.

        1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

          This is a blog, not a news site. I have a degree in Writing, and I’ve been pregnant more than once. If you truly feel like you’re “wast[ing] 5 minutes of [your] life reading and responding to this garbage”, perhaps you need to find a hobby, too. For the record, mine is blogging. Have a nice day.

          1. ladylaw2015

            A degree in “writing”? How vague! Is it from School University? Please don’t ever insult anyone else, anywhere, ever again. My degree in TALKING leads me to believe you should hush, sweetie.

          2. Mrs. Bottlesoup

            You’re so right. I am definitely going to take your advice and never insult anyone else, anywhere, ever again. Especially not someone who anonymously writes comments on the internet telling people to “hush”. I’m so glad you commented on my blog. Now I’ve been made aware of my place in society. What would I do without you, “ladylaw2015”?

          3. Olivia

            If you have a degree in writing, explain why you misspelled words and had several typos, with poor grammar?

          4. Danica

            Haha – you are amazing! I love it. Your blog, your rules. I, too, am pregnant and find nothing you wrote offensive. I respect a person who voices her true opinion. Bravo! Keep #winning

          5. Mrs. Bottlesoup

            Thanks, Danica! 🙂 Congrats on your pregnancy. Hope you’re enjoying the ride. And, if you’re looking for more entertainment, definitely join the BabyCenter community/message boards. You’ll find lots of opinionated ladies there 😉

  3. preggers

    Wow, pretty negative comments coming at you there. Just wanted to let you know I really appreciated your article! I’m 6 weeks pregnant and kept coming across ramzi on the message boards. It seemed too good to be true and I’m glad I’m not the only one who smelled something foul!

    1. Kristen

      I appreciate the article as well! I do find all of these old wive tale theories including the Ramzi theory and nub theory interesting. Although fun to speculate and pass the time waiting for our precious bundles to arrive, the truth of the matter is that if it were true, doctors would use it!! This is my fifth pregnancy and every time I ask the doctor about them, they basically laugh…lol…

  4. Bre

    Wow. Some people are being unnecessarily sensitive when they should be a little more appreciative of the research you have done that other women fail to look into. I am six weeks and have been all over the internet looking at how accurate this theory is. I just see constant posts of women in message boards giving mixed reviews. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to your research. I do believe women overly fantasize about the gender of their child, myself included. We do not look up the real facts in hopes that it’s true. However, some women don’t want to hear the cold truth, hence needing to insult someone on their own blog…

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      Thank you. I was compelled to write this article after encountering so many women who were insistent on the Ramzi Theory’s accuracy. I’m glad you found it useful!

  5. Danyelle

    I am an OB nurse and those pregnancy boards make me cringe. Please, if you are reading this and you are pregnant, do not rely on or believe the info on those sites. If you need other women to talk to for support and friendship, fine. Don’t waste your time wondering if you are pregnant and go to the boards for advice or info. It will not change your pregnancy result. If you’re already pregnant, trust your doctor, not an embellished or inaccurate view of some stranger. You should be glad the author of this blog has common sense. Take it from a medical professional, she’s right. Sorry. I have heard of babies dying from brain bleeds because it became popular on one of those sites to refuse a vitamin K shot at birth for the baby. I’ve had to put colostrum (breast milk) in a baby’s eyes per mom’s request over an antibiotic!! No medical evidence of the use or benefit of breast milk in the eyes. You might think you are making some special decision and are a “unique” parent. I just call that ignorant.

    1. Niki

      High five! I am newly pregnant and almost can’t handle being a member on these boards due to the sheer lack of knowledge and common sense I see 🙁 it’s unfortunate.

  6. Tiffany

    I realize that this post/blog is a few month old, but as someone who as researched Ramzi’s Theory, I have to tell you that you are mistaken calling his study fake. In fact, it is highly accurate. Most women who try to use Ramzi Theory (RT) try to read it off an Ultrasound picture which is impossible. And FTR he doesn’t need to be an MD as most MD are not proficient in reading US, the radiologist/US techs are. If you are able to have a early ultrasound and the tech *will* tell you where that placenta is starting to form (anterior right or left, posterior right or left) it provides with you close to 100% certainty of the gender. There are still a couple of theories on why this is, but the one that stands out the most is that the left side and right side of the uterus have different temperatures and xx prefer one temp and xy prefer another. Just because he names the study using something other than his last name does not make it a fraud.

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      Wrong. The study is not peer reviewed or scholarly. You can’t argue that a single study is 100% accurate when it has not been properly tested. Is the idea promising? Sure. But until medical doctors and other experts peer review the study, it is not scientifically sound.

    2. Melissa Knipp

      Are you an Ultrasound tech? I have also researched this method, and have made it a point to ask my tech at every appt if they could pinpoint the location of where my placenta was bringing to form and I am now 10w6d and they said it’s still too early to locate its position! all the techs roll their eyes at the Ramzi method, the nub theory and the skull theory! they are not factual!

  7. Tiffany

    Irregardless of how you feel about the study, it does have merit and the results are highly accurate. There are a lot of implications that come along with a study like this. And no one said it is 100%, but the fact remains that there is a lot of factual information contained in the study. And I would encourage you (if you do have another child) to find out if it is accurate with another pregnancy, because chances are it will be.

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      “Irregardless” is not a word. The results are not scientific, therefore not “highly accurate”, because they have not been tested and replicated by anyone. Please educate yourself on the definition of scientific, peer reviewed studies.

  8. Rebecca

    I understand the point your making, and I doubt anyone would take the ramzi theory/method as gospel….but is there really anything wrong with people being excited about their pregnancy? This is my first pregnancy and I’ll admit that I looked at the theory to “predict” gender, I don’t think that makes me desperate and bored…I think it makes me an excited parent to be.
    I don’t disagree with the message, I do disagree with the approach…but then again, would’ve so many people read your blog if you were polite about it? Probably not.

  9. Sabrina

    I am a grandma-to-be and am planning a baby gender reveal party for my daughter. We plan to have a chart, at the party, that lists this theory along with all of the old wives’ tales of gender prediction. We will use this chart to “figure out” the baby’s gender, before we reveal the actual gender. Should be a lot of fun for everyone.

    “It’s sad, really, that women are so desperate and bored that they resort to using fake theories to pass the time.” Aren’t you cocky? What’s really sad is that you have such a high opinion of yourself for what, I have discovered reading your article/comment replies, is completely unfounded. You don’t bother to find the truth about why women would want to look into this theory, you just presume to know the reason. Get over yourself, it’s very unappealing.

    Oh, and aren’t you sugary-sweet when people agree with you and just a nasty person when they don’t? I bet you’re all kinds of fun to be around.

    By the way, I noticed you had to point out that “irregardless” is not a word, which you were right about; however, if you plan to correct people, maybe you should start by looking at your own writing. The possessive form of the word “wives” has the apostrophe after the ess, not before. Let me spell it out for you, in case you don’t understand, it should look like this: wives’. That’s just basic grammar. You have a degree in Writing? Ouch.

    I’ve also noticed that you have to have the last word, no matter how meaningless. Go ahead.

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      Yes, and your comment isn’t rude, accusatory, and demonstrative of your high opinion of yourself, right? Please.

      The Ramzi Theory is unfounded and unscientific. If you want to use it as a shower game, good for you. I really don’t understand why you feel the need to comment, but have a nice day. I’ll continue blogging and making grammatical errors at my own peril. Later, hater.

      1. Susanna

        FYI: Someone with a PhD IS, in fact, a doctor. How ’bout you go get one, and then let’s talk about the merits thereof.

        1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

          Yes, Susanna, I understand that someone with a PhD is a doctor – that they have their doctorate. The issue is making medical claims and touting yourself as a “doctor” implies that you are a medical doctor, which he is not.

          1. MaggieLou

            I’m so sorry for all the hate messages you have received. I found your perspective on the theory refreshing! Thank you for sharing. & Don’t let the haters get you down!! 🙂

  10. steve

    No one ask you to read or search the net, No one asked you to know the gender , It is your Choice. And only way to know 100% is when you deliver your baby , Or when you do your Ultrasound in late stage for detail scan.And it doesn’t matter if you get a baby boy or a girl they are all gifts of God. The important things is your health and the baby health. So cool down and chill.The research was designed for animal welfare at the start and then I applied it to human ,It is an Idea and correlation , an observation ,like tons of other methods in the market. Many IVF Doctors uses the right side implantation upper right to have more successful pregnancy and they turn to be a bay boys in high percentage.So please stop fighting each other like children, Mrs. Bottlesoup is trying to present and review the facts like a scientists and she did good job, she is trying to write and do something and that is great. It is easy for others to point a finger ,criticize her and make negative remarks with out back up data, and with out knowing the study very well. Go and have fun in life , take care of your family, enjoy your pregnancy and dont stress out your self it is all in God hands. Good luck to all of you and God bless.

    Saad Ramzi ( Steve Ramsey); Calgary, Alberta- Canada.

  11. Eli

    Who cares, it’s just for fun 🙂 I doubt anyone would start painting a pink nursery based on this theory. But thanks for the effort to dig up all this.

  12. Jessica

    Well, so far it’s been 100% accurate for myself and my mommy friends. There are 7 of us with 9 babies, #10 on the way. I’m sorry you find us “sad, desperate, and bored” to be so excited about the babies we carried/are carrying and that our interest in the magical unknown is such a foreign concept to you. Did we start painting our nurseries blue and pink after our first ultra sounds? No. Did we enjoy discussing the possibility of it being as accurate as has been said? Yes. Did we all have the babies we “predicted” we’d have. Yes. Does it affect your life in anyway for us to try and guess the gender of our babies? No. If you don’t like the Ramzi method then don’t use it. Going out of your way to put down all of these pregnant women was completely uncalled for. It’s sad to me that you’re so desperate and bored for attention that you have a blog online. Does it affect my life in anyway?? Not really except for the time I decided to use to read this article and reply. That was MY choice. And if I choose to keep believing the Ramzi methods accuracy I will because again it’s MY choice. Oh and just to add I have hobbies, hobbies I’ll keep even after my pregnancy, if I choose to make guessing my babies gender a hobby for 9 months then I’ll do just that.

  13. Deanne

    Hi Mrs. Bottlesoup.
    First, I’m taking it upon myself to apologize for all these snotty mommy comments. Don’t take them personally. We are all just walking bags of crazy hormones & you are the target because you touched on a nerve by saying what they, deep down, already know. There is no 100% way of determining the gender until birth. I’ve seen gender scans that proved to be wrong.
    On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to “play around” with these gender predictors. I’ve seen a lot of people who swear by the Chinese gender predictors too & there’s no basis for fact in that one either. So, let them pull out there hair & swing their rings, measure their butts & compare belly shapes, or stare at u/s to see if placentas are on the right or left. And let the nasty comments go in one ear & out the other. Because honestly, boy vs girl…it doesn’t friggin matter as long as he/she comes out healthy & alive.

  14. apinchofmint

    This is awesome! Haha. I am on a mommy group, and posted a fun picture of my ultrasound saying ” I love you already, little one! ” Not asking for Ramzi theory opinions… This girl says out of no where “It’s a boy” LOL Thanks tips. Some woman get so worked up about what sex their baby is. I am honestly so happy with whatever the good Lord blesses me with, and so should every other woman who are expecting.

  15. Michelle

    OK…my daughter and husband tried for a couple of years to conceive. finally went to a fertility clinic. the month after she had clomid she had a cyst so they had to skip a month of “help”. That was the month that she got pregnant. Long story short, when she had her 5 week ultrasound (very surprised pregnancy) the technician at the fertility clinic told her (mind you, we have never heard of Ramzi theory) that according to Ramzi theory, she would have a girl. She said she has been studying this theory and been keeping stats on it and she is 85% accurate. So….today we have the reveal party. we will find out today if this theory worked with our family.

    1. Michelle*

      Follow up…..Because of what the tech said, I began working on a beautiful girl quilt. I did a lot of research on the Ramzi theory because I had never heard of it and was pretty convinced that it worked after all I had read. So, I was pretty much counting on it being a baby girl. It is a girl! I guess she can up her stats to 86%!

  16. btowz

    Here’s a good stat… There’s a 50% chance the Ramzi Theory result on your ultrasound will be correct.

    Even though this author openly classes me as sad, desperate and boring (and sweetie, you think that I honestly don’t mine :)) as a (soon-to-be) first-time mummy I find it interesting to learn about these predictors/theories/old wives’ tales! I didn’t realise so many existed and it’s an eye-opener!

    Surely no Mama-to-be of reasonable mind-set would read any of these theories or their results as 100% accurate as the article seems to intimate?

    Does is make any difference to me whether the Ramzi Theory is accurate or not? No!

    Did I just waste 15 minutes of my working afternoon reading and responding to this rather dull article instead of booking flights for my work trip next week? Yes!

    Who knew procrastination increased with pregnancy too – maybe someone could write a boring article about that next?

    All the best with your upcoming pregnancies ladies!

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      Thanks for leaving a sad, desperate, boring comment.

      For the record, I wrote this article because, yes, there were a LOT of women taking the Ramzi Theory, a single study results that have not been peer reviewed or replicated, very seriously.

      Have a nice day trolling “boring” blogs. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing though. Peace.

  17. Libby

    It is interesting information, thanks for posting! But yeah, the “sad, bored, desperate” comment seemed a little unnecessary and takes away from the message.

  18. Page

    Funny you have a degree in “writing,” yet you don’t even use correct grammar. Shall I screen shot your “writing” and point out all your grammatical errors? Plus you’re (not your, which you failed to use appropriately in your original article) contradicting yourself, you stated that the so called doctor you emailed never responded, yet you cla to have interviewed him…

    So which is it?

  19. Jj

    It’s all in good fun! Can’t believe you care so much, next why don’t you attack the ring on the string theory, the heartbeat rate theory, the I had a dream it was a… Theory…no? Okay then what got your panties so much in a bunch? It’s fun and if these ladies want to do it and confirm one way or another later on with an actual u/s of their baby’s bits then they have every right w/o you ruining it for them

    1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

      A lot of women believe the Ramzi theory is a legitimate medical evaluation, and go as far as to ask their doctors about it. Do you ask your doctor about the string theory? People use false statistics and facts to back up the Ramzi theory as if it’s legitimate without realizing the study is not peer reviewed and has not been conducted by a medical doctor. I’m not going to apologize for bringing that to light.

    2. Sabrina S

      I completely agree with you, JJ. Mrs. Bottlesoup seems to be a very uptight, angry, no fun person. I’m guessing she has a pretty miserable life and wants to share that misery with others…misery loves company. Can you imagine being her friend?! Ugh!

        1. Sabrina S

          Haha! Wow, you truly are clueless. You assume things and decide you’re right. First of all, I don’t “troll blogs.” Let me see if I can expand your teeny, tiny brain with some actual facts. Many months ago, when I was planning a fun (you might want to look that word up, since you don’t seem to know its meaning) baby gender reveal party for my daughter, I came across your article. I couldn’t stand you and your smart-alec, better than thou, I know everything attitude then, and you have only become more disgusting to me. Since then, every once in a while I get an email from your post. I scan some before tossing them. It always makes me laugh to see how many people think you are a complete idiot, as I do.
          Looking forward to your well put together, incitful, response. Haha! Yes, of course I’m being sarcastic. couldn’t come up with one of those if you actually had the writing degree you like to think you have.

          1. Mrs. Bottlesoup

            Thank you for elaborating on how you are absolutely without question trolling my blog. If you think my blog is such a stupid waste of time, why are you investing so much of your own time in responding to me?

            Your comments say a lot about you as a person. I don’t even need to stoop to your level; you’ve done the work for me. Have a good one, Sabrina.

  20. Amanda

    Geeze! People get offended over everything! I am sure it’s nothing personal, ladies. I found the article entertaining and was not a bit offended by it. She’s just trying to give you a heads up that this is a bullcrap theory. She’s done the research for us. Not that I won’t go back and read some more Ramzi theory forums! Lol