How to Pick the Best Baby Sling for Nursing

babyslingfornursingThose who know me know that while I love my toddler, I am not a fan of mainstream “mommy” culture. I don’t like my home to look like the inside of a daycare, and I’m not into dressing like a frumpy cupcake. So, when I began my search for a baby carrier/baby sling for my soon to arrive newborn, it wasn’t long before I became frustrated with the limited pink, flower-patterned options. In February, we’ll be welcoming a baby girl to our little family. My toddler will be 19 months old, and I anticipate the need to wear my infant a lot while chasing my little monster around. I already have a Beco Soleil baby carrier, but that’s not ideal for nursing (and, truthfully, I think that particular carrier is better suited for my husband, not me). After much research, I came across a few possible options that would work for me.

My criteria:




-Neutral colors

The Peanut Shell 

The first option, The Peanut Shell Baby Sling, does not meet all the requirements. It fails the adjustability test, as it comes in specific (and limited) sizes.

It does come in several neutral color options, it is nursing-friendly, it’s washable, and it’s definitely easy to use. You simply slip it over your head and under one arm, then tuck the baby into the sling. The Peanut Shell is available for about $50.


This sling is available in “one size fits all”. While I’m somewhat petite and would probably have no issue using this sling, I highly doubt my husband, who’s a foot taller than I am and possesses much broader shoulders, would comfortably be able to use the same sling (translation: we are definitely not the same size).

However, theBabaSling is supposedly adjustable, so perhaps it would work. It’s a sling style, so it’s nursing-friendly and meets the rest of my requirements. On Amazon, though, theBabaSling is priced from $65 – $370. I’m not really interested in spending hundreds of dollars on a sling, so I don’t think this is the one for me.

Traditional Baby Ring Sling

A ring sling is super duper simple. It adjusts easily for infant positioning in the hammock style and hip-wearing. You can find tons of styles and fabrics on sites like Etsy. My main concern with the ring sling is safety, but based on the reviews I’ve read it seems like ring slings are a very safe option. Ring slings are also budget friendly at $40.

There are a few other popular sling/wrap options I’ve left off of my list. For example, the Moby Wrap is very popular, but is way too complicated for my taste. I want something that’s super easy – ideally just one or two steps – that I’ll be able to use with a toddler in tow.