Southwestern Quinoa & Chicken Bowls


Real talk: I have struggled with accepting quinoa as a food option. After countless attempts to make it palatable, I declared that I was “done” with quinoa for good. However, the health benefits kept calling my name. So, decided to give quinoa one more try, and, boy, am I glad I did.


My inspiration for this recipe came from Pinterest. I sifted through hundreds of quinoa crockpot meals before I decided to go for a South of the Border type theme. I figured the worst-case scenario would be to cover the end result in cheese, sour cream, and hot sauce. After all, what’s not delicious when smothered in cheese? (As I typed that, I thought of about 14 things that do not sound delicious with cheese. But, I digress.)


My end result was a meal my husband and toddler both approved of (and so did I!). It was so good, my husband literally said, “You need to write a blog about this.” So, here I am, sharing my fabulous quinoa recipe with you. Please let me know how it turns out – and share your favorite quinoa crockpot recipes in the comments below.


Happy slow cooking!

-Mrs. Bottlesoup




1.5 cups quinoa (rinsed well)
1 can fire roasted tomatoes (TJ’s)
1 can water
1 chopped onion
1 can Cuban black beans (drained)
2 chopped red peppers
1 bag roasted frozen corn
1/2 jar salsa verde
1 pound chicken breast seasoned with salt, pepper, and chipotle
5-6 hours in crockpot on low

Serve with cheese, avocado, sour cream to taste. Green onions/scallions or fresh cilantro optional.

Serves 4-6