Tiny Living Solutions: Stackable Mugs


As promised, here’s the start of my tiny living series. We’ll be discussing stackable mugs as a space-saving solution. I decided to start of slow. We’ll ease into the idea of downsizing and living small. (Because I’m pretty sure if I shared how I recently got rid of my entire wardrobe and replaced it with 3 pairs of pants, 2 dresses, 5 shirts, and 3 pairs of shoes, you might run for the hills.)

For me, simplifying my life by living small is not a headache. It’s empowering. It’s inspiring. It’s exciting. Being a minimalist frees up my time to focus on things that matter. It also saves you a ton of money. So, in theory, by downsizing and sticking to staples, you’ll free up your finances for better, more rewarding things. Like paying off your student loans. (Ugh).

Ok, let’s get to it: stackable mugs. What are they and why will they help you downsize?

Stackable mugs seem pretty self explanatory. They’re coffee/tea/multipurpose mugs that stack and stay stacked in your cabinets. Why will stackable mugs help you? Because in my cabinets, I can fit 3 mugs in the amount of space that 1 mug used to take up. So, if I keep 12 mugs in my cabinet, I’m only using the space of 4 traditional mugs. Yay for easy space-saving solutions, right?

There are so many styles of stackable mugs. You can find these almost anywhere. A lot of stackable mugs come with a metal cylinder container. This is unnecessary and takes up valuable space.

Unless of course you don’t have cabinet space to spare, then this is actually a good use of counter space because the footprint is very small. 

The stackable mugs I love are from the Starbucks You Are Here collection. You can get them at many Starbucks locations or find them online at Amazon or eBay. Unfortunately, Starbucks does not sell these online. The point of the collection is that you should physically be collecting them from their locations. However, they are cute and functional. You can always get a set of 6 New York mugs or wherever your home location may be.

Or you can get these adorable Disney stackable mugs from Amazon.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your tiny living tips in the comments. My next tiny living piece will also be kitchen-focused. I’m thinking spices? Let me know!

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