6 Things to Know Before Becoming a Jamberry Consultant

If you’re a regular BOTTLESOUP reader, you know how I feel about Jamberry. And while I followed up my original post with some hands-on Jamberry consultant based research, the outpouring of support, encouragement and requests for more information has inspired me to continue writing about Jamberry. So, welcome to the first installment of my Jam Series. Posts will be going up every Tuesday. This week we’re going to discuss things you should know about Jamberry before you purchase your Jamberry Starter Kit and become a Jamberry consultant.

Here are a few preemptive FAQs:

Where are you getting your information about Jamberry?

I am in touch with multiple Jamberry consultants, who will remain anonymous at their request. I respect their right to privacy and will not be disclosing their identity on my blog.

Why do you hate Jamberry Consultants?

Real talk: I don’t hate Jamberry Consultants. I understand their ambition and respect that they want to hustle to the top. However, my knowledge and understanding of business, direct sales and MLMs (coupled with my thirsty nerd brain) allow me to separate wishful thinking and facts. I don’t think Jamberry Consultants are bad people; I think they’re optimistic people. (Side note: Did you know most people are optimists?) But optimism does not determine success. Reality does. And the reality is that you are more likely to win big at roulette in Las Vegas than you are to ever turn a profit with direct sales/MLM companies like Jamberry.

Why do you care?

Because I truly want people to succeed. Look, there’s nothing in it for me if you do or don’t sign up as a Jamberry Consultant. Absolutely nothing. I don’t earn a commission for every person I convince becoming a Jamberry Consultant is not a viable career path. My honest ambition is to bestow facts and information on my readers and hope they make an informed decision with their financial resources. Because wouldn’t you rather spend approximately $100 on a sure thing instead of throwing it in the figurative toilet? I know I would.

Ready? Let’s dive in. Here are 6 things you should know about becoming a Jamberry Consultant.

  1. The first month is exciting. Everything is new. It can be overwhelming. You’ve purchased your Jamberry Starter Kit. You’ve logged in to the Jamberry dashboard. You’re in the Jamberry Consultants Facebook pages. And you’re soaking in all the Jam Juice. You’ll feel empowered. At times, you’ll be apprehensive. But mostly you’ll feel like you’ve started something big. And in many ways you have. It takes guts to put yourself out there and sell a product.
  2. You’ll doubt yourself. Instead of questioning the company and its guidance, you’ll place the blame on what you’re doing. You didn’t work hard enough. You didn’t take it seriously. If only you would do more research, make more Facebook posts or solicit more friends you’d be on the top. Success is yours for the taking. It’s your fault if you fail. Blame the company? Pffft. Girl, it is all on you. At least that’s how Jamberry spins it. But did you know they hire people to promote and manage their company? Yet they rely on Jamberry Consultants, who pay for products, to do the grunt work, while regardless of the hours and effort you put in, your check will depend on how many nail wraps you sell through your Jamberry website. It doesn’t matter if people buy through the Jamberry site directly. It doesn’t matter how many people you’ve reached or women you’ve turned on to the product. Ask yourself this: when a company pays for a television commercial, do they pay the cost of the advertisement to reach the audience, or do they pay based on how many people take action on the advertisement? The answer is they pay for reach. You’re giving away the reach for free. Think about it.
  3. The women will become your sisters. It’s true: Jamberry is a sisterhood. Yes, that sisterhood is comprised of a male majority executive branch, but the Jamberry Consultants? Definitely majority women. And like real life blood sisters, they will rip your heart and soul out of your body and stomp on it for fun. These ladies aren’t your friends; they’re your competition for resources. Jamberry is like your parents. The Jamberry Consultants want the approval, attention, and respect of the company. They’ll throw you under the bus. They’ll rip clients out from under you. They’ll do anything they can to tear you down. Now, if someone says something bad about Jamberry or a Jamberry Consultant? Yeah, they’ll come to your rescue. But what does that really mean if the rest of the time they’re just holding you down?
  4. You’ll always have your nails done. You’re working for a nail wrap company, duh. But the extra product and samples you can’t pass on to anyone? Well, what else should you do with those wraps, considering selling on eBay is not allowed?
  5. Jamberry will make you crafty. Did you know that Jamberry Consultants are required to buy their own marketing materials? This means business cards, catalogs, samples and other promotional content must be purchased by you. Even your Jamberry website is an additional cost after the first few weeks. What will you do with all the extra expired catalogs you’re no longer allowed to use? (Wait, what? Yes. If a new catalog comes out, you are no longer allowed to use the old catalogs, even if you have 100 of them lying around.) I hear Pinterest has some great paper mache bowls you can make out of catalogs. Crafty. Before I move on to number 6, if you thought I was referring to “crafty” meaning manipulative, you’re right – but I didn’t think that needed much explanation. If you want to take the temperature on the attitudes of Jamberry Consultants, just read the comments on my other posts. Bitches be nasty.
  6. You’ll face a moment of truth. Maybe you’re one month in or a year into the game, but there will come a time where you realize, “Holy moly, I have spent a lot of time and energy on selling these nail wraps and I have nothing but some tacky Facebook posts to prove it.” If Jamberry truly gives any sort of value to women, it’s this: it will force you to decide who you truly are. Are you the kind of stubborn woman who beats the business to the ground, despite getting dismal results? Or do you have the integrity to realize you’ve been hoodwinked, admit it, and help other women avoid similar traps? (LuLaRoe and their $5k start up fees, anyone?)

In the coming weeks, we will be going down the Jamberry Consultant rabbit hole. You will be getting an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it really means to be a Jamberry Consultant. There will be screenshots. There will be gossip. And best of all, there will be hope. Stay tuned to the series and subscribe below so you don’t miss a post!


3 thoughts on “6 Things to Know Before Becoming a Jamberry Consultant

  1. Data Junkie

    Great work Mrs. Bottlesoup! You have demonstrated great poise in the face of fanatical criticism, while demonstrating genuine concern and respect for the women exploited by this company. Keep up the good fight. This story needs to be told, and you are doing an outstanding job!

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