How much money can I make selling LipSense?

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A couple months back, we posted an article about LipSense and since then, we’ve heard that you’d like us to dig deeper. So, here we go!

The question our readers most want answered is this: how much money can be made selling LipSense? So we’ll try to figure that out.

First off, if you visit the LipSense website, you’ll see that they refer to this opportunity as a career:


If you click on career, you’ll be brought to this page:



Where you can learn more about how LipSense / SeneGence defines career. Here’s the literal definition of career:

It’s hard to understand how much you can make from selling each product. On the “Earning Opportunities” page > “Click here to view the compensation plan, you’ll find a slideshow that includes information like this:


For me, this is where selling LipSense gets interesting. It says that as a distributor, you can get a discounted wholesale price off of Suggested Retail, and then the difference in wholesale price and Suggested Retail will be your profit.

Ok. But in the slide shown above, it’s showing PV, or PointValue, not Suggested Retail. In the footnote, it says that Point Value equals 1/2 (half) of 1 Suggested Retail USD. Does this mean you must purchase 99.5 Point Value for a 20% discount, and since 99.5 Point Value is equal to $199 Suggested Retail United States Dollars (USD), is your 20% discount off of $199? Meaning you must purchase 99.5 PV in product at a 20% discount for $159.20? If so, this would be the break down:

  • You purchase 99.5 PV in product at 20% discount for $159.20
  • The Suggested Retail price for all of those products is $199.
  • If you sell all of the products, you will earn $39.80.

Here’s a more in depth breakdown:

As you can see, your Point Value (PV) is half of suggested retail. So we doubled the PV to get Suggested Retail. The discount to purchase is, we assume on USD, so we took the discount from the Suggested Retail Value to give us the Profit Margin. The cost to purchase, so you can sell and get that profit, is the Suggested Retail Value minus Profit Margin. The last column shows how many LipSense Liquid Lip Colors, retailing at $25 each, you would need to sell in order to make the profit listed in column D. We assumed you’d want to earn money each week. But this could also be applied per month or per day. If you want to earn the $599.60 from 749.5 PV, you’d need to spend $899.40 purchasing the product, then sell approximately 60 (59.96 to be exact) $25 products to earn $599.60.


This brings up another issue. You must shell out the money to buy the products in the first place. If you don’t, what happens? Well, there’s this thing called the Customer Direct Order Program, where you supposedly do not need to buy the product, but let’s read some more about that:

There’s a few things here that stand out. 1: You must be a distributor to do the Customer Direct Order (CDO) program. 2: “Additionally, The CDO order will qualify as PV for the commissions and bonuses, except that it will not apply toward the selling Distributor’s personal purchase requirement to qualify.” Apparently, there is a personal purchase requirement for Distributors. So you are required to purchase the product, for personal use, as a distributor. Does that mean you cannot sell the products you are required to purchase for personal use?

So, it’s unclear what defines your role as a distributor. We can see a sneak peek of information on selling LipSense, but most of the actual information about earnings is not publicly available. Here’s something to take note of when considering your start up costs:

If you want to sell the product, you must become a Distributor. You must spend $55 for your kit, and then you must purchase your products to sell – or do CDO. 

If you visit the Startup Options page, you’ll find the different kits and levels of training available, which range from $55 to $550. They say there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but take note of what happened with LuLaRoe’s guarantee return policy.

Some former distributors have taken to their blogs to share their experiences. In Why I Regret Being a SeneGence Distributor, author Diana breaks down the actual costs of becoming a distributor. Among the hidden costs? You must spend $300 for that CDO website.

Are selling LipSense or have you done so in the past? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!


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